Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 20:26 -0500, Andrei Simion wrote:
>> I have some Perl scripts that connect to a Gimp server and generate 
>> images. I want to upgrade to the 2.2 version of Gimp and I know that I 
>> have to change the font names. That's it, I pass a font to the script in 
>> order to generate an image having a text on it. The question is if it is 
>> a correspondence between the old font names (ver 1.2) and the one for 
>> version 2.2.
> GIMP 2.x has some code that tries to come up with a good guess in case
> you are using the old font descriptions. This is used to interpret the
> parasites written by the old GIMP Dynamic Text plug-in. You could have
> look at that code (app/text/gimptext-xlfd.c).
> But I would suggest you just make yourself familiar with the X Logical
> Font Description (that is the old style) and the way that Pango font
> descriptions work. The string represensation used for fonts in Pango is
> explained at

Thanks, but I cannot find what I am looking for.

I need to get the list of font names that can be passed to the Gimp 
server, 2.2 version.

Let's say I want to pass this font 'FrutigerBold bold Italic normal'. 
What is the new format of this font for version 2.2 of Gimp.


> Sven

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