Hello, I don't know if I should send patches to this list, but anyway,
I think that it's a good place.

I have a very old patch for the GFLI plug-in. I never used GIMP to
save or load FLIC animations, but I used the source code of that
GFLI plug-ins for other program (http://www.aseprite.org/), so that
is the way I found this bug.

The patch is for this specific file:
It fixes two problems:
* loading of fli files that specified width=height=0 (that means 320x200)
* writing of differential color chunks (FLI_COLOR and FLI_COLOR_2).

I don't know if with the GIMP you can save a FLIC file with
FLI_COLOR chunks anyway. So it's a little hard to test the
effectiveness of the patch.

On the other hand, I think that the GFLI plug-in has other problems
(in the gfli.c file).
But I really don't know, this patch is only for the low-level routines in fli.c.

If somebody want to test reading/writing files with FLI_COLOR chunks, here you
have one animation to test (in two formats):

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