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> right-click is a shortcut for a primary way to do things. So in
> this case I see good chances for the not-so-often-used options
> to go in their own little menu that gets accessed from a
> small-no-relief-low-contrast-icon button in the corner of the dialog.

They are already accessible that way, using the little button in
the upper right corner -- but two levels down in the menu, which
is not so good.  Anwyay I don't like that little arrow icon, which is
hard for me to see and hard for me to hit using the mouse.

> find a legal way and you are my hero. Mitch and I could find
> no way how gtk supports showing the relief only on mouse-over,
> for things like pop-up menus.

It will be amazing if you ever see me claiming to be able to solve
a programming problem that has defeated Mitch, but this particular
problem might be easier than it was a year ago, because Gtk+ 2.12
has added a "shadow-type" style property to the GtkComboBox
widget, which is the basis of most of the menus you are talking
about, if I understand you correctly.

  -- Bill
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