A first version is here: http://tml.pp.fi/gimpwarp.diff . Diff against
current SVN.

Known problems:
- reuses the smudge icon and cursor
- the "remove warp" functionality doesn't do anything
- the "bilinear filtering" and "adaptive supersampling" toggles have no effect
- especially in the Move mode you often get "cracks" in the image

Doesn't seem to crash, though.

Currently it allocates a big buffer for the deformation vectors, two
doubles for each pixel in the image. This should probably be changed
to either use tile-based storage, or use a scaled (when necessary)
deformation vector array with some fixed maximum size.

If you compare to the iwarp plug-in source code, you will notice that
the core "business logic" is mostly identical. The hardest thing was
to find out how to plug this into the paint core etc stuff...

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