More on the "bug" I am running into. It very well may be that this is not a 
bug and just a feature or whatever that I am running into, but it's not very 
well explained anywhere, seemingly.

I have an image that I have worked on, had multiple layers, then when merged 
down, it cannot be drawn on directly, even though only one layer is shown and 
no error message pops up. 2.2 didn't seem to feature this, as I have done it 
countless times. Seems to be intermittent, but it's hard to figure out when I 
don't have much time to debug.

More info...when I am saving the image as a jpeg, it shows the message about is there a hidden layer or something that isn't allowing me 
to draw on...oh hell, I am running out of words.

I can send out a screenshot of the "issue". Didn't want to send it to the list 
and waste bandwidth.

BTW, this is a compiled-from-source version of 2.4.4.
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