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>  Hopefully this is a question with an obvious answer, and there is some
>  tool that already works like this...
>  Or is it really so that a warp tool, and the "filter brush" kinds of
>  tools that Ankh asks for, and all other nice cool things will need to
>  wait for a complete geglification?

At least when it comes to doing such a warp tool, after a complete
GEGLification this would be seen as a nondestructive
editing operations that warps the image. By using specialised paint
tools when the iwarp effect layer is selected, the painting would be
affecting the deformation masks, the deformation masks would be stored
with the the iwarp effect layer.

For such an iwarp effect, as well as for most other effect layers like
unsharp masking, gaussian blurring etc. The way to discard the state
would be to "merge down" the effect into the original drawable thus
losing the non-destructive ness of it.

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