"Bill Skaggs wrote

>I would be interested in getting opinions on some of the open
>questions about how such a tool should work.

That tool was at top of my wish list and i had long discussion about  a couple 
of year ago

I' happy to see that maybe now is doable, but some of the objections i had may 
be meaningful, so i report here, below

1) How should a filter-brush handle the settings for the filter?
Should it run the filter's dialog when activated in order to get
settings, or have a button to run the dialog, or use the
default settings, or the last settings used, or what?

In my opinion not the default or last setting but custom setting

The filter-brush has to call the gui of the relate filter to allow user choise 
and finetuning
Of course the filter -preview will show what will happen by apply the filter 
with a single stroke, with a brush big as image size and at 100% opacity
...nevertheless that preview is needed to guess the final result, as  are is 
needed  to not cripple the tool allow users to set custom setting  for the 

>In any case, applying a filter with a brush is basically a fancy
>kind of cloning, so there is nothing intrinsically all that difficult
>about it. There would probably need to be a bit of new machinery,
>such as a mechanism for distinguishing "paintable" filters, and a
>way to run a plug-in in "dry-run" mode -- so that it sets up
>parameters but does not actually alter the image -- but
>nothing incredibly challenging.

Happy to know 
This some of the objections i had when i proposed 2 years ago:

1 ) "what will happen for overlapping strokes? filter will be applied twice or 

--possible reply: that is a user option

2) What will happen if the Filter-brush use a mode different then "normal mode" 

here maybe i can answer...that is a special brush tool  that work in normal 
BUT may be a "advanced menu" offering the other modes  with a warning:
" several filters may give unpredictible results used with mode different then 

The other objections, i think not so relevant and meaningful as that 2 were 

 possible problem if using "soft" brushes

possible issues with less then 100% opacity for brush strokes

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