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> I guess, in a way the warp tool should be like the transform
> (rotate/perspective/shear) tools. While interacting with it a preview
> is shown. Separate mouse drags are incremental, and just add to the
> in-progress build-up of data for the warp. Only when the user is
> satisfied and explicitly chooses some "Do it" action, does the actual
> warping take place. (Or would it be possibly to do it implicitly when
> the user switches tools?)

Will we be able to do "undo" *between* the strokes ?
    * before "Do it"?
    * after "Do it" ? In other words, will the undo stack be updated
after each stroke ?

As a slightly off-topic idea , How is the idea of having an
in-transformation undo-stack ? This will also help in transformation
and other "Do-it" style operations like brightess contrast, levels,
etc. The "Reset" button can be replaced" by "|< < > >|" buttons. and
"{ [ ] }" can be used as keyboard shortcuts.

Whups.. Got carried away :-)

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