> Will we be able to do "undo" *between* the strokes ?
>     * before "Do it"?
>     * after "Do it" ? In other words, will the undo stack be updated
>  after each stroke ?

After "Do it", yes, definitely.

But before, that is a tough question. In my first patch (which is not
good), each stroke is undoable, but then it works in a different way.

If implemented to work in the style of the transform tools, the
strokes won't be undoable as such, any more than you can undo each
incremental rotation "nudge" in the rotation tool while you are
tweaking looking for the right rotation, for instance. Which is sad,

Perhaps for the rotation tool it doesn't mean much, but at least for
the perspective tool it would be nice if one could undo the
incremental changes one does to the control points. Probably this
wouldn't be hard to implement? I doubt the normal undo mechanism could
be used, though, the transform tool would have to implement and own
simple undo mechanism.

For a warp tool working in the style of the transform tool, the amount
of state is much larger, and implementing an own undo mechanism for it
does not necessarily sound like a good idea.

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