On Feb 18, 2008 8:27 AM, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, 2008-02-17 at 05:13 -0200, Guillermo Espertino wrote:
> > Anyway, I'd would like to know why common tasks wouldn't fit there
> Yeah, I would also like to know that.
I thin peter explained i in one of the first mails:

"the thing to focus here is that GIMP is not going to behave like some
kid yelling (yep, that is what a dialog is): "that was fun, what are we
going to do now... I mean now... really now!" "

You can see the problem very good, if you start Krita. Krita has such
a yelling start dialog. But I'm not sure if not having common tasks in
the start window is the solution or if we just have to design it more
carefully than Krita.

> > And finally... a "drag here" sign sounds as a gimmick too for me.
> Indeed. In particular since we already found that using this window as a
> DND target has a severe usability problem. Where do you drop images when
> there is already an image opened?

 If you see the window as a DND target has a severe usability problem
every other thing in this window will have the same problem after
opening the first image. This puts us back to an empty window without
any functionality. And that doesn't sounds like a good solution, too.

I've made some mock-ups and I like nr. 5c (with common tasks, like Gez
one) and nr. 6 (DND area). I definitive don't like the nr. 4 (without
any functionality). But this is just the look and not the feel.

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