OK guys,

here comes the moment where I have to cut the crap.

Just like Sven or Mitch cut the crap when users keep discussing things
that are technically not possible, I have to cut the crap when we keep
discussing interaction that simply does not make sense.

That is why I listed the gimmicks at the start of the UI spec:
it has been checked, forget it, over my dead body.

In difficult times like this I always go back to the product vision
and GIMP is an high-end 'pro' app. It is used in an environment with
other applications to get the job (or hobby) done.

If you can see that whole picture, than you can feel where I am going.

I'd rather spend some time now to show in the spec what I mean and
to figure out what happens to the toolbox and inspectors when no
file is open (hmmm, recent files dialog should stay open...).

Sven wrote:

>> "we already found that using this window as a DND target has a severe
>> usability problem"
>> who found that in what usability test? I must have missed that.
> You missed one of the mails in this thread then. If we use this window
> as a DND target, where should our users drop images when it is not
> there?

I think the remaining question is: when GIMP is not the foreground
application (toolbox and inspectors hidden, as they should) where
can users d+d files apart from on the taskbar icon?

I am thinking about that.


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