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>  peter sikking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said on Feb 19, 2008 13:46 -0500 (in
> part):
>  You missed one of the mails in this thread then. If we use this window
> > as a DND target, where should our users drop images when it is not
> > there?
>  I think the remaining question is: when GIMP is not the foreground
> application (toolbox and inspectors hidden, as they should) where
> can users d+d files apart from on the taskbar icon?
>  I have Windows only experience (not Linux or Mac) so maybe I'm missing
> something here ...
>  In Windows D'n'D, for a non-visible application works "everywhere" as drag
> to taskbar button which brings that application to foreground. User (still
> w/o releasing mouse button) then drags to to window which has just been
> brought to foreground and releases.
>  This works now with current Gimp whether there is an image open or not so
> long as the first bring to foreground is done to the Gimp toolbox window.
>  So wrt. remaining question: "where can users d+d files apart from on the
> taskbar icon?" . Why is there any need for anything else? That's how Windows
> user expect ALL applications to behave.
>  Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

There is no guarantee that there will be any taskbar at all. On linux,
there are plenty of WM's that either provide a taskbar that is not
suitable to implement your described behaviour, or no taskbar at all (
i use one of these myself, DWM (http://www.suckless.org/wiki/dwm)).
IMO taskbars are a kludge, and it is a mistake for an application to
*depend* on them for basic usability.
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