On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 12:05 +0100, Radoslav Schudich wrote:

> For example: You draw or edit an image with a simple brush, when you want  
> to
> erase some stuff, you switch to the eraser, but this one has different  
> brush size, shape, opacity than the first tool. 

If this is a frequent problem, then we should probably do something
about that. I don't think however that adding more drawing modes and
adding shortcuts to them is a good solution.

Your request outlines some problems in the paint workflow when using
GIMP. But I don't think that your proposed solution fits well into the
user interface and internal design of GIMP.

You can already configure GIMP to use the same brush for all paint
tools. We could probably extend this and also share other paint tool

We also already have shortcuts for the paint tools (and we don't have
enough shortcuts left to extend this to include drawing modes). What
would be useful is a shortcut to switch to the last-used tool. There's
already a bug report for that and it would be almost trivial to add this



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