On Sat, 2008-02-23 at 22:09 -0500, Brennan Sellner wrote:

> I'm developing a reasonably complex plugin for GIMP 2.4 in C++ (using GIMP
> and libgimp 2.4.2 on Ubuntu 7.10), and am currently having trouble with a 
> Heisenbug: after running my plugin with a particular set of parameters, 
> when I exit GIMP, I often (~90% of the time) get the following error:
>    Gimp-Base-WARNING **: tile ref count balance: 1858

Basically this means that your plug-ins creates drawables and doesn't
destroy them later nor does it attach them to any image. Of course it's
not correct that GIMP allows plug-ins to do such things. It should clean
up after them and release all resources they allocated. But this is not
an ideal world and this cleanup mechanism in the core remains to be
unimplemented. So as a plug-in developer you should be careful about
releasing all resources you are allocating in the GIMP core.


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