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> On Sat, 2008-01-26 at 01:16 -0800, Ettore Pasquini wrote:
>> We are thinking that with our device, you don't need to move
>> the mouse away from what you were doing, you can easily pan the image with a
>> nudge on the SpaceNavigator and just keep working.
> You should be able to do that using the existing Linux Input module.
> It's just a matter of configuring it. On Windows there's a module for
> DirectX events as well. So you should be able to achieve this without
> any code changes. But of course lots of improvements to the input
> controller architecture are possible and we are looking forward to your
> patches.

I played with HAL and the GIMP "input controllers" preferences trying to map
my device, but so far I had no luck.   The GIMP prefs are indeed beautiful
and still give me hope on having this solved with no code at least on Linux.
So, after building GIMP I noticed the presence of a "Linux Input" entry
under the available controllers.  I added that to the Active list and I even
saw a "3Dconnexion SpacePilot" entry under the Device list.  However when I
select that, GIMP tells me the State of the device is "not available:
Permission denied".  Our evil proprietary driver is not running and AFAIK no
process is claiming the device.

from HAL Device Manager:
    linux.device_file = /dev/input/event6

# lsof | grep -i input | awk '{print $1"\t"$8$9}'
Xorg    /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/synaptics_drv.so
Xorg    /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/mouse_drv.so
Xorg    /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/kbd_drv.so
Xorg    /dev/input/mice
Xorg    /dev/input/event9(deleted)
hald-addo    /usr/lib/hal/hald-addon-input
hald-addo    /dev/input/event5
hald-addo    /dev/input/event4
hald-addo    /dev/input/event3
hald-addo    /dev/input/event1
hald-addo    /dev/input/event0

In HAL, I also noticed the default is that "input.mouse" is actually added
by default to the info.capabilities list of our device, so I can actually
move the mouse pointer with it. Could that be it, interfering with GIMP?
(BTW I don't want to move the mouse pointer.)

So I went ahead and created my own .fdi file, first just adding
input.joystick to the list (made sense) but no changes.  Then I removed
"input.mouse" and had input.joystick only, however in this case GIMP doesn't
see the SpacePilot device entry anymore.  Why?

If anybody can shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it, it seems
like everything is already there (if only I could manage to "trigger" it).




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