On 2/26/08 7:52 PM, "Ettore Pasquini" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> So, after building GIMP I noticed the presence of a "Linux Input" entry
> under the available controllers.  I added that to the Active list and I even
> saw a "3Dconnexion SpacePilot" entry under the Device list.  However when I
> select that, GIMP tells me the State of the device is "not available:
> Permission denied".

It turned out to be a couple wrong assumptions on my side.  First the linux
device file /dev/input/eventN was for some reason not readable by anyone but
root.  Second, I realized I had built GIMP with NO HAL support. :)

After fixing that I was able to map the device actions and it works!
Panning is pretty good, although there is no acceleration (moving the device
hard or soft makes no difference).  One other problem is that event values
are not scaled on a per-type basis: e.g. Zoom is too fast and it's
uncontrollable.   Button mapping work perfectly.

Ideally every "increase/decrease" parameter should have a related
scale/speed adjustment setting.  I was thinking to add a 3rd column to the
Select Event Action panel, unless somebody has a better idea.


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