> Luis A. Florit wrote:
> > But I do not know if these are possible in script-fu, and I didn't
> > find a complete enough reference for script-fu.
> There is some documentation about Script-Fu at http://www.gimp.org/docs/. I
> have been putting together my own set of documentation for Script-Fu which you
> can find at: http://www.ve3syb.ca/wiki/doku.php?id=software:sf:start
> Amongst the things you will find there are a list of the items you
> can use in the register block.

Thanks a lot Kevin, and all the others that kindly answered my post.
Now at least I know that I cannot do what I wanted in script-fu.
My next projects will be done directly in C or python-fu.
It seems that script-fu is kind of 'stalled'...



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