Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 19:16 -0800, Ettore Pasquini wrote:
> > After fixing that I was able to map the device actions and it works!
> > Panning is pretty good, although there is no acceleration (moving the device
> > hard or soft makes no difference).
> Does moving the device hard or soft make a difference in terms of what
> input events the Linux kernel delivers?

The "value" element of the struct input_event may contain values with
an absolute value > 1.

I found it a bit tricky to work with these events. On one hand it
absolutely makes sense that the SpaceNavigator delivers relative events,
at least for the intended purpose. But this means that the amount of
pressure you apply controls the *rate* of the events, which is a bit
tricky to measure.

For me it would be easier to get absolute events from the SpaceNavigator
and - if needed - convert them to a series of relative events myself.
The other way around is not as trivial I think.

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