To keep the ball rolling, I thought it might be useful to show a
copy of my current experimental version of a no-image-open
window.  Most features should be obvious from the picture, but
a couple of notes:

1) The toolbar shows most of the things a user might want to
do with no image open, but not quite all.  "Aquire", or "Open as
layers", could be added, or even "Create", which would access
the menu for creating buttons, logos etc.  "About" could, and
probably should, be removed.

2) I felt like I had to shorten the main menu, because it made the
window too wide.  I did this by shifting the categories I use least
into submenus -- "View" into "Image", and "Tools", "Dialogs", and
"Xtns" into a new "Gimp" category.

3) The backdrop is handled like the splash screen -- the user can
replace it with a different one, and the no-image-open window shapes
itself to match the specified image.  Yes, it's ugly:  sorry, I'm not an

4) The tips can be disabled.

5) The theme used for the screenshot is Clearlooks.  The icons, and
general appearance of the toolbar, would change if a different theme
was used.

 -- Bill

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