A couple thoughts:

Has anybody come to a consensus about whether or not the no-image dialog 
should persist after an image is opened?  Even for expert users, it 
might be useful to keep the no-image dialog open as a drop-target for 
opening more images, but I can also see how it would annoy some users. 
Perhaps that should be an option which is shown up-front on the dialog 
instead of buried in config settings.  For instance, at the bottom of 
the dialog there could be a checkbox labeled:

"Close this window when an image is opened"

There's a little precedent for this sort of option -- it's similar to 
the "Never show this tip again" options in tip systems.  Speaking of tips...

> 4) The tips can be disabled.

I suppose that's good, but all that space being used for the tip *could* 
be used for a more efficient start screen.  For instance, the most 
recent images could be shown in a list instead of hidden in a drop-down.

Slightly off-topic:

I understand that people want to find a way to show tips in an 
unobtrusive way, but maybe we can take a hint (no pun intended) from 
video games here: the loading screen would be a great place for tips, 
since the user has nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs during that 
time anyway.


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