On Fri, 2008-03-07 at 22:39 -0300, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:

> == Tagging of GIMP resources ==
> The tasks in this project include:
>  * adding a way for gimp resources to be tagged

This actually already exists in trunk with the GimpTagged interface. But
it's probably OK to keep it here as a task.

I would be willing to mentor this project.

> == On-canvas text editing ==

I would also mentor this one, but I can definitely not mentor two

> ==== Properly map Gimp Widgets and objects to Python ====

Instead of mapping GIMP widgets to Python directly, it would probably
make more sense to make sure that GIMP widgets are GtkBuildable. The
GtkBuildableIface interface contains method that are necessary to allow
GtkBuilder to construct an object from a GtkBuilder UI definition. This
would make it a lot easier to write GIMP plug-ins as developers would
have less hassle with UI code.

> == SVG brushes ==
>  VBR brushes in GIMP - basic shapes like ellipses, rectangles and 
> rhombuses; with additional spikes - are scalable. In SVN trunk, all 
> brushes including the pixmap-based ones can at least be scaled down. 
> We do not yet have means for more advanced brushes (think about a 
> brush consisting of two disjoint circles) that can be scaled up in a 
> lossless way.
>  Using SVG files as brushes could help to solve this.

I don't think that SVG brushes is enough for a GSoC project. Adding a
loader for SVG brushes can easily be done over a weeekend. What would
make this a lot more interesting is to add the infrastructure in the
paint core to actually make use of transformable brushes.


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