Joern P. Meier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  Maybe someone with more insight into the code could give
> an outline of how it currently works? I am willing to invest
> some time studying the code myself, but unfortunately it is
> very scarcely documented and so I  am not sure how the
> various components interact.

That isn't easy.  I suggest, very strongly, that you start
by picking a single, relatively simple, type of change you
would like to make, instead of thinking in general terms.
This will make it possible to point you to the relevant
parts of the code, and perhaps even to describe how
those parts work.  Once you have learned from this
experience, it will be much easier to go on to other

(You could perhaps suggest two or three changes you
are interested in, and we could tell you which of them
might be best to start with.)

  -- Bill
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