On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 08:56 -0700, Bill Skaggs wrote:

> In Gimp, and other programs that use Glib, *modules* are
> program-fragments that can be compiled separately from the main
> application, and linked in dynamically while the program is running.
> They differ from plug-ins in that once loaded they function as part of
> the application, not as separate programs that communicate with the
> application.  The danger of modules is that if they crash, the whole
> program crashes with them.  The power is that they have complete
> access to everything that Gimp can do.

Sorry, but the latter is not true. We don't allow modules to access
internals of the GIMP core. A module implements a certain class and
that's it. It must not do any calls into GIMP. Thus, modules are a lot
more limited than plug-ins as the plug-in API is richer and more


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