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> GIMPsters,
>  some good news on this front, I have spent a couple of man-days
>  rethinking and re-specifying the 'no image' window situation.
>  It is now roughly complete:
>  <http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/No_image_open_specification>
>  If wrinkles need to be ironed out, let me know.

I think some of the "gimmicks" could be useful (and remain professional):

# any splash-screen-like graphics or interaction, or GIMP contributor credits;
A fairly small, horizontal graphic that is very similar to the initial
start-up splash screen is not only more interesting, but also ties the
window to the application.  If for example the window becomes
partially obscured while a user is opening their file manager to begin
dragging a file, they can readily identify the portion that is still

# any 'what would you like to do today' type of interaction, including
'recently open images';
I consider a list of recent images and a list of templates to be
functional.  As long as these can be configured easily or disabled I
see no reason to rule it out completely.  Something for "Paste as New"
would be handy - any of these would cut down on the number of
clicks/menus needed to perform the most common tasks.

The spec seems well thought out but I think that this window could do
more for the user.  Perhaps not right now, but I wouldn't rule those
two out for all time.

My 0.02,
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