David G. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  I proposed this because it will actually boost the simplicity
> of managing brushes to adapt in effects and splashes, instead
> of doing the layer and rotation "technique".  ...

I gather from this that you would like to be able to pick
an arbitrary rotation, and that simply rotating in the
direction of motion wouldn't fit your needs.

>  Maybe in the eyes of a developer this might be considered 'bloat'.

It isn't a question of bloat, it's a question of keeping the user
interface as simple as possible while providing the capabilities
that are wanted.  Adding an option that doesn't get used is
not harmless:  it makes it harder to find the things that are
important.  As an artist, you wouldn't want to have the
controls you need buried amongst 20 useless buttons and
sliders, would you?  That's why everything like this needs
discussion and careful consideration.

  -- Bill
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