Tom Bass <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  I'm no "linux-geek", I'm based on Windows, so I'm interested in helping
>  out in the Win-Parts of Gimp - if there's still some help needed ;-) I
>  checked the bugtracker and found interesting starting tasks, that I'd
>  like to work on - but some problems occured with the compilation of the
>  SVN trunk with MinGW. But that are some questions that I may ask later on :)

It would help a lot to have a strong Windows coder participating.
Michael Schumacher builds SVN for Windows regularly, and
helps to debug many problems, but he doesn't like to write C
code particularly, so lots of issues with the Windows build go for
a long time without being handled. There is no shortage of tasks
waiting for somebody to do them.

Building SVN in Windows is quite challenging, and at the moment
even more challenging than usual, because of the ongoing integration
of the GEGL framework, so don't be embarassed to ask for help if
you get completely stuck.

  -- Bill

(I recall your nick showing up on #gimp today -- come back and say
hello, please, if you haven't already.)
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