Hi, all

It seems counterproductive that Rafael Mesquita received three separate 
responses that started off pretty identically (even though they included unique 
and useful information).  I'd like to offer the suggestion that, when 
to a project proposal sent to the ML, that the responder (1) acknowledge 
responses sent before his own, (2) try to avoid duplicating content of the 
responses, and (3) explicitly mention how his response differs from the ones 
before it.  Consider it a kind of incremental diff, if you will.

The idea is just that the student should be able to read through all of the 
responses without having to figure out what is the same or different between 
emails.  I imagine responses like
"I agree with what responder A mentioned.  I'd like to add that..."
"I mostly agree with what A and B mentioned, but also note that such-and-such 
another area that could use functionality similar to what you proposed, and 
would be more pertinent to The Gimp's goals"

(To be explicitly clear, these examples were not meant to necessarily pertain 
Rafael's proposal).

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