Lorelei <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi everyone, my name's Lorelei Kelly, and I'm interested in applying for a
> GIMP summer of code project. [...]

Hi Lorelei, thanks for the information.  The ideas on the Wiki page are only
suggestions, and you shouldn't take them as the only possibilities.  My
immediate thought is that, from a purely selfish gimp-o-centric point of
view, the big win for us would be to leverage your impressive scheme
background, rather than getting you into a project where most of it would
be new and you'd have a hard time completing it.  I wonder whether there
is any possibility of doing something like packaging the interface your
group developed to make it broadly available?

Anyway, Kevin is our Scheme expert, and Yosh is our Python expert,
so I leave it to them to respond more specifically.

(If you are interested in batting around ideas, I invite you to visit
the gimp irc channel, #gimp on irc.gimp.org.)

  -- Bill
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