On Sun, 23 Mar 2008 14:03:58 +0100, Souichi TAKASHIGE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  

> I think it is responsibility of module developers for
> synchronizing its code to the latest version of API so that exposing API
> does not prevent to change its interface.

That is not a very helpful attitude. Having a stable API is essential.  
Version dependancies are already a major headache on linux , repeating  
that within Gimp does not seem attractive. I dont think it is helpful to  
envolve everyone who ever wrote/writes some tool, module or plugin into a  
some weekly maintainance loop. This just wont happen.

What will happen is that a lot of useful code will quickly become obsolete  
and if it becomes a major long term comittment to mainainance those  
willing to contribute will deminish further.

Changes to APIs can be necessary sometimes but this should only be done as  
matter of last resort , not as a matter of course.

You cannot expect the turn the whole situation on its head because it  
suits what you would like to do.

It's your responcability to find a solution not let everyone else deal  
with fall out for the rest of time.

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