> That is not a very helpful attitude. Having a stable API is essential.
>  Version dependancies are already a major headache on linux , repeating
>  that within Gimp does not seem attractive. I dont think it is helpful to
>  envolve everyone who ever wrote/writes some tool, module or plugin into a
>  some weekly maintainance loop. This just wont happen.
Sorry, but in my previous post, module refers to the "privileged
module", which differs from normal module.
Anyway, now I see the importance of the stable API. Thank you for your comment.

But stable API must be designed on top of new core API (maybe GEGL
ops.) to keep good performance. So we have to suspend the further
discussion until new paint core APIs are released.
Maybe privileged module should access to some internal GEGL nodes
before it is applied to the drawable, and modify its parameters to
change the brush behavior.
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