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   Hi Guillermo,

   On Mon 24 Mar 2008 14:01:00 Sven Neumann wrote:
   > Hi,
   > On Mon, 2008-03-24 at 13:34 -0300, Guillermo Espertino wrote:
   > > First of all, sorry if this is the wrong place or moment to post this.
   > > II think that integrating the separate+ plugin to Gimp would be a great
   > > GSoC project.
   > Doesn't sound like it would be worth making this a GSoC project. In
   > particular because that would mean that it would definitely not make it
   > into GIMP 2.6.
   > As far as I can see all that is needed for integration of the seperate+
   > plug-in is someone who volunteers to review the code and the user
   > interface and to propose it for inclusion on this list. As we wanted to
   > have this plug-in in 2.4 already, I wonder why this has still not
   > happened yet.

   So, adding on to this - while only reviewing the code and the UI
   might be much less than expected for a whoe GSoC project, I
   perceive this as a valuable idea.

   Maybe adding to this review the implementation of some, or even
   more, of the features suggested could do for a Google Summer of

   Guillermo, I would encourage you towards formalizing this application -
   try to summarize objectively what exists today and what do you plan to 
   implement. Also, try some "guestimates"  on a time frame for completing 
   each task. 

   The idea, bellow, of integrating it to the GIMP TIFF save plug-in
   is great and would make it really feel like part of GIMP. So, take
   a look at GIMP's TIff plug-in and giver your say on it.

   And of course, the separate plug-in should take into account ICC
   color profile magement, as implemented in the GIMP core (I reall
   don't know if it aready does that).

   And least - have in mind that the chances of approval depend very
   much on a favorable review of your proposal by the GIMP
   developers. You got some critics on your first e-mail, and some
   ideas as well. So use those in your favor and come up with a
   propose everyone here should like.

Personally, I think that doing this at the application level is the
wrong way to go about it.  It would be much more valuable to work on
this at the system level (OpenICC, I believe, is also in GSoC), or at
least as part of a RIP.

A lot of what was described about separate+ is already present in the
Gutenprint plugin for GIMP (and I think also in Cinepaint), and also
in PhotoPrint, which is a standalone application layered on the
Gutenprint core.  I'd rather beef this up, and provide the necessary
machinery in CUPS to take advantage of it, than have a specialized
plugin for one application.  These capabilities are just as critical
in all applications.  For that matter, if saving the separations to a
TIFF file (or multiple TIFF files) is really important, it's a
capability that could be added to Gutenprint and again made available
to all applications.

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