> Guillermo, I would encourage you towards formalizing this application -
> try to summarize objectively what exists today and what do you plan to 
> implement. Also, try some "guestimates"  on a time frame for completing 
> each task.
Joao: Unfortunately I'm not a coder. I'm not even a student :)
Just throwed the idea to see if someone could be interested on it and 
take it to GSoC.

About the plugin itself, it already provides profiles management. It's 
completely functional but it's limited in the separation methods. The 
real deal with improving this plugin would be adding point gain, black 
generation, overprint threshold, curves, etc. The "integration" part is 
definitively too simple and not-so-atractive to start a GSoC project, as 
Sven pointed out. 

Thanks for your kind reply.

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