peter sikking wrote
>Tips (no longer of the day) are a good thing, as long as these tips are
>targeted to bring intermediates to expert level. So I want to promote  

Sorry to contradict but as user i always  found RANDOM tips absolutely useless

Instead will be handy a more advanced kind of tooltip...

just a example 
"File/open location"
now tooltip is "open a image from a specific location"
what i would like is simply "open a image from a specific location...for more 
info click  HERE"

And a click on that "HERE"( or clicking anywhere inside  the tooltip if that 
technically more easy) will simply correspond to press F1...will hopen the 
contestual help and so the related help page

User may not know about contestual gimp help and pressing F1 but even the most 
dumb will understand "for more click here"

That will add usability to one of the best resource of gimp, the gimp help

And still i don't understand so much effort to create something more complex 
then a image windows opening with a blank drawable  of default size ready to be 
resized at users wish or replaced by the first image loadad from File/open
that , is all what user wish  expect and know and are confident with

I fear they will not feel comfortable with something else more sophisticated 
and unusual

I'm confident that for most of new users only problem with the image windows is 
simply  that it does NOT open at soon gimp is loaded

Opening Gimp  they expect the most simple but for them, functional thing a 
image windows with a white drawable space ready to be resized or replaced by 
the first image they wish to open..simple as that

Then i want thank for a the impressive improving from gimp 2.2 
if i step here is not to criticize but hoping to contribute at least with my 
users experience and the feedback i get daily from other users,often at their 
first experiences with gimp

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