> As you can see from the responses to your mail, there are quite a few
> trolls on this list who aren't even willing to try the new stuff.
> Otherwise we wouldn't have gotten so many responses that are obviously
> based on wrong assumptions and that clearly show that people have not
> followed your invitation to try the stuff in SVN.

Your comment is, as usual, insulting.
It's not clear in the first Peter's message that the changes are already 
in SVN. He talks about concept and specification.
So I just checked the wiki and, based on what is described there, gave 
my oppinion.
In the same wiki Peter asks for feedback (but since it's a closed wiki, 
the only feedback we can give is using this list).
You're assuming, as usual, that a final user should compile the svn 
code, know how to deal with the installed version and the development 
version in the same machine, etc. Otherwise the user can't speak his mind.

Personally, I think I would be able to compile myself gimp in my 
machine, but I don't know how that would affect my current installation. 
And, since I'm an end user, I use gimp for my everyday work and can't 
change my working installation to an unstable version. I try to 
contribute from my place, but it's clear that this kind of contribution 
is not welcome.
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