I finally updated to latest trunk and tested it out. All in all its progress 
for the better...

What I like:
*Toolboxes moving with image window
      Currently its very buggy, toolboxes disappear completely when image
      is out of focus   and don't always reappear to taskbar or come up with    
      image. IMHO that is not the expected behaviour. Id expect the feature
      to keep dialogs visible and bring them on top when image gains focus.
      Its already better than nothing tho.

*Unified menu in the image window.
      Its much  more comfortable

What confused me was that Preferences are under "Edit" menu. I assumed from 
prior experience its under file menu.

I don't much mind the Wilber zone on top of toolbox, but I did notice that 
Wilber only scales horizontally. Witch with my layout where I use single line 
toolbox it is hardly recognizable.

Here's a screenshot of my layout: http://a.death.pri.ee/sample_layout.jpg

Scaling the Wilber to the shorter side size would make it look cleaner, but 
what I believe would be best is keeping the zone in the top left end of the 
toolbox no matter the size but always against the shorter side of the box. So 
if the box is long it would be an almost square at the left end and if its 
tall it the same on top...

Other than that its coming along great:)

-- Alexia
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