Erik Jonsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  I'm interested in applying for Google's Summer of Code for gimp (yes,
>  I know I'm in the last minute :) ), and the project that seems to suit
>  me best is "On-canvas text editing". I have a question though...

Hi Erik,

  We already have an application for that project that seems quite
strong, and wouldn't want two people working on the same thing,
so I think it would be a waste of your time to apply for this.  If
I might make a suggestion, there are a couple of related but
independent projects that might still be open:  text styles
(i.e., switching style attributes in the middle of a text item)
and text transforms (i.e., being able to apply transform tools
to text without destroying their editability).  The person who
submitted the on-canvas proposal is interested in those things
too, but I personally believe that that would make for too large
a project to be doable in one summer, and would not be
averse to having somebody else work on one of the other

  -- Bill
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