On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 14:21 +1030, David Gowers wrote:

> This second class is really all I can see traditional plugins needing
> to do after GEGLification is complete and stable. Ie. the first class
> of plugins wouldn't need to use the PDB at all, probably.
> Do you agree with this idea?

Absolutely not. The GEGL API is not sufficient for this class of
plug-ins as plug-ins will still need access to GIMP objects such as
layers and masks and whatever else. There are associated GEGL nodes for
these objects, but that is by no means sufficient.

> In that case, it makes sense that a plug-in would mainly provide
> actions. It is also useful to be able to trigger other actions, since
> many things aren't accessible through the PDB yet, only as actions.
> (for example, I would like to make a plugin that creates an additional
> display, zooms it to 200% and then shrink wraps it, so I have a
> 'working area' and a 'real size' view.)

This is intentional. The PDB doesn't provide access to the GIMP user
interface. Scripts and plug-ins are supposed to in non-interactive mode
as well. What you are asking for is completely outside the realm of the
PDB and it is not going to be added there, ever. If we really want to
expose such user interface functionality to scripts, then we will need a
different scripting API for it.


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