Hi Sven,

> On Wed, 2008-04-09 at 09:27 +0930, David Gowers wrote:
> > What you are talking about is a hash function. There is a string
> > hasher in GLib that should do what you want.
> The string hash function in GLib is not suitable for this job. Torsten
> doesn't want to hash a string, he is asking for a checksum over image
> data.

Yes, I discovered that myself, since the string hasher would have difficulties 
with handling the binary data of the drawable passed on to the plugin.

> You can use GChecksum which was added recently to GLib or you can use
> the MD5 implementation in libgimpmath.

This sounds nice, but I think it'll also needs something more since the whole 
image needs to be checksummed.  As I see it, I'll probably have to do a 
checksum on every tile of the drawable and then sum them up again, right ?


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