On Friday 11 April 2008, Torsten Neuer wrote:
> Hi,
> > The current application needs interactive user-input with the
> > mouse. So far I have not found out how gimp could inform a plug-in
> > about mouse-movements (like the current cursor position) in a
> > drawable. Is a plug-in generally suitable for the task or how could I
> > implement such a tool? (I read the little tutorial on
> > developer.gimp.org. More how-tos would be welcome as well.)
> From what you write and what it looks like on your project page, you should
> probably write a tool instead of a plugin (you may find fitting examples
> under gimp-2.4.5/app/tools).  Also, you could then use any brush available
> to the Gimp.
>   Torsten

Just have a look at the current foreground selection tool (since GIMP 2.4), 
probably you can use much of its design or at least user interface.  Also 
make sure that you don't accidentally use the same algorithm ;-)  Since the 
usage seems to be similar, maybe this could even be made an alternative 
choosable algorithm there?


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