LGM 2008 is getting closer, and we have to start thinking about travel and 
accomodation arrangements. Joao had started to do this, but he has not been 
seen for the past two weeks. I have mailed him and asked if he'll be able to 
spends some time on this, but we might have to make sure that everyting turns 
out right even if he doesn't manage to get back to me sson.

So... I'd like everyone of the GIMP team who wants to attend LGM this year to 
add a note to http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/TellUsYoureComing in the "Who is 
coming" section. See mine for an example.

For travel expenses, Joao had started to collect estimates. Please (re-)send 
them (or even final costs) to me, including any special information you may 
have discussed with Joao.

As for accomodation, there are several options available - hotel rooms of a 
varying price range as well as appartments for about 3-5 people, see 

Appartments would be cool - a larger number of hackers spread only over a few 
locations instead of one or two per hotel room. Some other groups seem to be 
doing this. But we will have to know when people arrive and leave, and who does 
like to share a room, or has already make own arrangements. Add a remark like 
"hotel" if you have already booked or intend to book your own rooms, and 
"appartment" if we should try to get an appartment.

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