Hello everybody,
i'm currently writing a little python plugin which calls the 
Purpose of my plugin is to let the user nominate a channel with a shape 
to which a
selection shall be bent to.
I take this shape and hand over 256 generated y-values (each lower and 
upper values) to the curve-bend-plug-in with curve type freehand.
pdb.plug_in_curve_bend(image, drawable, rotation, smoothing, antialias, 
work-on-copy, curve-type, argc-upper-point-x, upper-point-x, 
argc-upper-point-y, upper-point-y, argc-lower-point-x, lower-point-x, 
argc-lower-point-y, lower-point-y, argc-upper-val-y, upper-val-y, 
argc-lower-val-y, lower-val-y)
Unfortunately the lower-vals are ignored. No bending of the lower part 
occurs. Only the upper-vals work fine.
But the generated data are correct. To test that my plugin has written 
them parallel into a curve_bend.points - file.
Using this file with Filters -> Distorts -> Curve Bend (Load the curves 
from a file) works in the expected way:
Both upper-vals and lower-vals are used to bend the upper and the lower 
part of the selection corresponding to the respective values.
Has anybody a hint what possibly goes wrong calling the plug-in-curve-bend?



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