Sven Neumann wrote:

> That is the usual behavior of all applications based on GLib. In an
> out-of-memory situation, the application exits with an error message.
> This is probably what you are calling a 'crash'. This can usually be
> avoided by setting the tile-cache size reasonably and by providing
> enough virtual memory.
> The memory usage during batch processing should remain pretty much
> constant though. This indicates that there is likely a memory leak
> somewhere. valgrind should help to locate the problem.

This is the problem. The memory used by the Gimp process grows 
constantly. After finishing up the physical memory, it does not create 
the swap file.

On Gimp 1.2 the swap file was created, but it kept growing. On 2.2 and 
2.4, no swap file is created and the Gimp process terminates.

What size should I set for the tile-cache? Currently I use a value of 
128 MB.


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