Hellow GIMP!
I'm a brazilian, and i use The Gimp 2.4, i love this program, i am a win user, 
and i want to know if is possible to creat a "Gimp Mobile Edition" (or 
something like that), i have the cellphone "motorola a1200i" (Motoming), and i 
want to install the gimp,  but it doesn't exists. I don't know anything about 
progamming, so i'm looking for someway to use this amazing program in my 
cellphone (touch screen).
Already have a Mobile Gimp, but it is only for plugs USB mode(pen drives, mp3 
etc..), motoming is a touch screen mobile, so i woud like to use this amazing 
program in my phone, just an adaptation will be great.
Thanks very much... for everything!!!
The OS of motoming is Linux, based in Kernel 2.4
For more information:
(Sorry about my english, but i'm still a student)
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