Sven Neumann wrote:
> That's
> why it would be nice if you could isolate the leak or provide enough
> details so that we can reproduce the problem. So far you failed to do
> that.

Andrei may not have isolated the leak to one or two PDB calls but he has 
provided a script which shows the growing memory usage problem. My tests 
appear to show GIMP's memory usage growing even from running a Script-Fu logo 
script. The ps command reports increasing numbers for VSZ and RSS after each 
time a logo script is run even after the display window closed.

Something GIMP uses seems to be leaking memory if it isn't in GIMP itself. 
Sven looked at one of the valgrind reports I captured and still felt the leak 
was not in GIMP. I will be attaching one of the valgrind reports to the bug 
report soon.

BTW, some of the information from this message thread should be going into the 
bug report.


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