I'm not yet sure I should file this as a bug, since I find myself
confused about it.
You may need 2.5 or SVN to reproduce this?

Do the following in order to reproduce it:
1. Open an image
2. Make sure that nothing is selected, by using 'Select->None'
3. Edit->Copy
4. Notice how the Clipboard Brush goes blank, rather than changing to
the copied data or a cropping of the copied data (since 512x512 is the
limit of clipboard brush)
5. Check that the image data copied okay, with Edit->Paste as->New image
6. Go back to the first image
7. Select->All
8. Edit->Copy
9. Notice that now the clipboard brush correctly contains the copied pixel data.

It is my understanding that usually, having nothing selected is
treated the same as having everything selected.
I guess that this behaviour is probably a bug, and likely just a
simple mistake, readily fixed (I don't have easy access to a SVN
checkout currently, So I cannot verify this)
If not, I hope someone will inform me so that I can file a bug :)

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