On Tuesday 13 May 2008 20:09:09 Chris Mohler wrote:
> Have you looked at the wacdump program (linux - usually in a package
> called 'wacom-tools') or the utilities on the driver CD (windows)?

Yes, I have already looked wacdump and others but when I am drawing in Gimp, 
these don't work because Gimp get the X events for its own application (this 
doesn't happen with other apps like tgif).
What I need is to obtain coordinates, pressure, etc of wacom while I am 
drawing in Gimp. I have been looking for function in gtk and in a plugin I 
could obtain this information but for obtaining it in Gimp maybe I should 
modify the Gimp code. Is there any easy way to do it or to get wacdump and 
Gimp working together ?



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