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> I did that now. While it does help a bit,  I still think locking them 
> would be ideal, at least to a user. I did some rough testing with a 
> value of 100 and it happened anyways when working hurriedly across 
> different tabs. I can't speak for others, but knowing they are locked 
> would be preferable in my case.

Yup, I find I accidentally move palettes out of the window too - so an 
option to lock a dock full of tabs would make my life easier.  What I'd 
also like, since I'm in WishList mode, is to be able to lock a UI 
"State" - so that if a co-worker comes along, uses GIMP and then closes 
all my windows, not just the toolbox, they'll come back the way I like 
them next time I run GIMP.  Currently, whenever that happens I have to 
spend a few minutes adding tabs to a new dock window.

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson

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