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> The general idea behind the whole thing is to provide a means to be able to
> write filters without the need of going through the whole process of studying
> the SDK (Glib, Gtk+, libgimp in our case), compiling, and installing.
> Instead, the plug-in offers an editor with which filters can be implemented by
> writing a formula for each color channel that manipulates the pixel data of
> the image.

If the goal is not reuse of existing filter but creating new ones from
scratch there are already at least two solutions tackling it in
slightly different ways.

http://www.complang.tuwien.ac.at/schani/mathmap/ and

Addding new functionality to GIMP when a compile cycle should also be
a bit easier now with the ongoing integration of GEGL which provides a
more modern API for writing plug-ins than the evolved mechanisms of
GIMP plug-ins. GEGL operations get automatic user interfaces for user
controllable parameters and live in viewport previews when used with
the GEGL-tool (same infrastructure as the migrated color adjustments
tools in GIMP).

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