On Fri, 2008-05-23 at 14:06 +0300, Cristian Secară wrote:

> Yes, but I would have never figured out by myself :)

You are not supposed to figure such things out by yourself. You are
supposed to have read the guidelines for translators in the GNOME
translation project. Doesn't it include this information?

By the way, I have just done a change to trunk that converts most
(unfortunately not all, due to technical reasons) places where a
translation context was used to the new scheme using msgctxt. This makes
it easier for translators. Instead of

  #: ../app/core/gimpchannel-select.c:58
  msgid "command|Rectangle Select"

we now have the less error-prone:

  #: ../app/core/gimpchannel-select.c:60
  msgctxt "command"
  msgid "Rectangle Select"

Please use the msgctxt when translating. If someone wants to add more
translation contexts to the code, please send patches...


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