Hi Frank,

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 8:21 AM, Frank Karlitschek
> Hi guys,
> I'm running openDesktop.org, KDE-Look.org, GNOME-Look.org and other websites
> for Free software.
> As a long time GIMP user I noticed that there is no real community site where
> GIMP users and developers can share Brushes, Images, Fonts and Tips and
> Tricks.
Did you check out places like www.gimptalk.com? I think it is a big
enough forum that having a link to it could be good.
also gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com,  since you have a brainstorm section.

> So I created www.gimpstuff.org . It is part of the openDesktop.org network. So
> if you have an account on GNOME-Look.org on any other website you can login.
I'm impressed! It's quite comprehensive.

I'm about to submit my dithering/halftoning patterns there. I've been
looking for such a site for a while, since I have some considerable
amount of resources to contribute.

> I hope this is helpfull for you and the GIMP users.
> What do you think?
> I you have ideas or suggestions how to improve the site please send me a mail.
> Cheers
> Frank
> P.S. GIMP rocks.  :-)
> --
> Frank Karlitschek
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